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Industrial Success Stories

We unravel and solve the toughest of technical problems for companies in the B2B sector. Our work is made meaningful by an intuitive strategy, one founded upon innovation and in-depth understanding of user needs. Our multi-disciplinary teams yield reliable and affordable solutions so forward-thinking, they help our clients achieve the ultimate: transcending markets and expectations. Realizing that potential is our goal.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root


Medical Case Study: Dove

Industrial Success Story: Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Gilbarco is a producer of forward-thinking petroleum distribution technology. They invited HLB to imagine and engineer the gas station fuel pump of tomorrow.

We first set out to understand and define consumer, retail and environmental needs. HLB researchers and designers understood the need to transform a utilitarian device into a compelling, cohesive and commerce-rich environment. For the consumer, that meant safety and far side filling. Especially at night, car owners wanted a pump that makes it easier for them to see and be seen by station personnel. Retailers and installers needed faster throughput, lower maintenance and easy shipping and assembly.

The result was the Eclipse, an all-new fuel pump with a slim Y-shape that opens up sightlines and an interactive touch screen that widens merchandising opportunities. The modular sub-structural, self-aligning frame ships and installs easily. A heightened pump provides a standard hose with 18 inches of additional reach for far-side fills.

The Eclipse pumps up Gilbarco's reputation for convenience, control and environmental integrity in the retail fueling and adjacent markets of the future. It won the Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award from Businessweek.

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Medical Case Study: Motorola

Industrial Success Story: Motorola

NFL football is watched by 1 billion people each season. Motorola saw an opportunity to increase brand impression through the development of advanced headsets to be worn on-field (and on-screen) by all NFL coaches.

Motorola drafted HLB to create a reconfigured headset that would meet both the communication needs of NFL coaches and, as importantly, heighten consumer awareness of the Motorola brand. We had just four months to complete the project.

Through rapid envisioning we were able to quickly arrive at the right solution. Using camera tests, foam models and ramped up user research, we gained important and essential design insights. We then went to work creating a savvy design that balances the communications trinity of technology, user comfort and consumer visibility.

Because of the schedule's constraints, HLB needed to engineer functionality and resilience without the luxury of repeated prototypes. We created a floating structure to promote airflow and comfort. An elongated form spreads the pressure. Temple pad inserts achieve balance. And the bold profile with high impact logo placement scores big. At every juncture we sought opportunities to showcase the Motorola name and Batwing with an edgy, eye catching aesthetic.

The new headset's positive clamping force and innovative form spread pressure and balance. The material and universal color scheme work with every team's colors and graphics. The Motorola name and brand occupy the headset's invaluable real estate.

HLB and the Motorola headset has been one of the most successful brand placement tactics in history.

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