Our Partners



Since 2002, Avenue has partnered with B2B leaders to transform their brands, align their organizations, and engage their markets in bold new ways. Headquartered in Chicago, Avenue serves mid-sized B2B companies and business units across various industries in the US and international markets.




Founded in 1984, The Martec Group is a global marketing research-based consulting firm with extensive experience in the services markets. Our practice is based on external analysis of constituents impacting client opportunities, including customers, suppliers, competitors, governmental forces, etc.

Martec completes over 200 qualitative and quantitative assignments each year which utilize a variety of focus group, in-person, telephone and web data-gathering and analysis techniques. Additional details regarding our experience and references to our work can be made available upon request.

Martec has extensive experience conducting customer needs and product concept assessments on a global basis for a wide variety of products and services of Fortune 1000 level companies.

Martec’s North American offices are located in Chicago and Detroit. International office locations include Frankfurt, Shanghai and Beijing.




DMC offers high-caliber engineering and software development services for manufacturing, testing and product development organizations.

Since 1996, we have been building mission-critical systems for top organizations with extensive experience in product development phases, prototyping, embedded programming and medical devices.

Our team of certified LabVIEW engineers is one of the largest in the country. DMC serves clients throughout the world from our offices in Chicago and Boston.