HLB - 50 Years In The Industry

50+ Year History. 400+ Patents. 250+ Medical Products.
Countless Industrial and Consumer product successes.

Company History: Founded 1963

We are a Chicago based privately owned product development consultancy whose passion is to create products that generate high returns for clients through a focus on user satisfaction. A 50 year history is evidence of continually achieving and exceeding client needs and expectations within the medical, consumer and industrial fields. HLB has been teaming with companies to design and develop products that run the gamut from high-end, high-tech industrial to low-margin, high-volume consumer categories. We have worked with companies both large and small, industry giants and start-up entrepreneurial firms -- and from all over the United States and abroad.

Our award-winning firm has stepped in contributing to every facet of the development process, including market research and strategy, industrial design, engineering (mechanical, electrical, software), as well as prototype services. And since every development project is different, HLB teams may be comprised of each of these disciplines, or just a few – depending on the client's needs. Our highly collaborative process has resulted in 400 patents assigned to our clients, 250 medical products created, as well as countless successful consumer and industrial products.

We are only a phone call or email away from helping you create something new!


Great work begins with great people.



HLB created the gas pump of the 21st century. Put Liquid Paper® in a pen and created the correction pen category at retail. Has products in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art, The Chicago Athenaeum, and others. Revolutionized kitchen appliances with the first black glass product line. Has held relationships with some of its clients for over 30 years. Created the first smart card reader used for public transportation. Constantly receives accolades from their clients and has collected a number of awards for our work together. We helped Kodak break-away from the pack with the Advantix Switchable and Access camera. Made Motorola® a familiar name with millions of NFL fans by creating the first wireless NFL® headset. Put Mobil Oil® in a plastic bottle and their brand in first place.


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