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We are engineers, designers, and researchers bringing to life the true potential of every product. From concept to completion we can take your product through every step of the process.  


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Product Development’s Current Challenges


HLB’s approach to the explosion of affordable technology and internet-enabled communications allows us to help our clients discover and implement capabilities that enhance their competitiveness and profitability with breakthrough functionality.

This growing product complexity makes our fundamental belief in collaboration and transparency all the more critical. It enables the client to move forward, confident that they will be making the fully-informed decisions needed to create breakthrough products.

Meaningful Design


We get the right people engaged to ensure success on every project.

We define the right people as all important client stakeholders, our client’s customers, our product development partners, our manufacturing partners, and HLB personnel. Our collaborative design process allows us to stay engaged in every aspect of the development process at all times.

Synchronous Design


We develop products that satisfy user needs and client objectives.

Synchronous Design is our development process which starts by focusing on a product’s requirements and expectations. We then look for functions and features to add, eliminate, or enhance as we discover ways to make the product more effective and more valuable. Our meaningful design team, with it’s expansive knowledge base, is ideally suited to excel at this kind of work.

Design for Manufacturing


We are masters of developing products that optimize manufacturability and assembly processes.

Whether in the U.S. or other parts of the world, our core leadership team has significant manufacturing experience, understand new manufacturing and assembly practices, and have a broad based network of manufacturing partners. This experience and resource base eliminates many manufacturing issues, improves quality of a product, and lowers the cost to build.


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