HLB has the most experienced talent in the industry

Throughout our 50 year history we have sought to improve our ability to develop breakthrough products.  That focus and those efforts have led us to strengthen four core disciplines: Product Research, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering and two key processes: Meaningful Design and Synchronous Design. Those disciplines and processes allow us to identify, create and lead the development of products that meet the client’s and the market’s requirements.

We supplement our core disciplines with outsourcing to a few organizations that have the disciplines, talent and facilities to contribute to our product development work. They are integrated with our organization and operate as our partners.

Meaningful Design is a philosophy and approach which requires that all the client related stakeholders and all user related stakeholders are identified and either give input to the development team or participate in its ideations and deliberations. 

The selected development team moves through our Synchronous Design which is used to explore the product’s development opportunities.  Its exploration includes core disciplines, relevant supplemental resources and smart product concepts. Synchronous Design organizes the exploration and the making of decisions to add or delete features and functions in order to maximize the product’s impact in the marketplace.

Design for Manufacturability

With more than 55 years experience in product development, we understand how to design products in such a way as to make them easy to manufacture. We fix problems early in the design and engineering phase when it is the least expensive time to address them. Our engineers keep in constant communication with the manufacturer (domestic and overseas) to ensure every step we take leads to a product that is easier and more cost-efficient to make and ship.



Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering