HLB has the most experienced talent in the industry

Whether an established company or an entrepreneurial startup, whether you require a top to bottom development team or expertise augmentation, HLB can craft a program customized for your specific needs. Together with our clients, we align business model and product objectives with HLB’s 50+ years of product development experience, resulting in a development plan that effectively addresses customer needs, expands market share, and increases ROI.


We understand through research and experience (people, consumers, end-users). We also understand our clients objectives business challenges and industry.

HLB interprets our gained understanding of both user and client needs into relevant concepts and strategies.

The needs of users and clients are expressed in the design and engineering of the product.

As evidenced by our 50+ years of success, HLB drives results and measurable impact for users through improved satisfaction and clients through increased ROI.


Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering



Design for Manufacturability

With more than 55 years experience in product development, we understand how to design products in such a way as to make them easy to manufacture. We fix problems early in the design and engineering phase when it is the least expensive time to address them. Our engineers keep in constant communication with the manufacturer (domestic and overseas) to ensure every step we take leads to a product that is easier and more cost-efficient to make and ship.