The Challenge - ROAN Tools has set its sights on developing a new circular saw solution aimed at greatly reducing messy and harmful dust without requiring the use of additional cumbersome equipment.

The Solution - HLB with the direction of ROAN Tools immediately set out to identify user work environment issues, processes, concerns, and needs. HLB researchers submersed themselves within the world of the user and was able to quickly identify that the desired solution must not require the use of a respirator or additional vacuum devices.

The Results - The result is the ROAN 7.25" Dust Collecting Circular Saw, a revolutionary patent pending dust collecting saw. Generating a cyclonic effect by harnessing the existing airflow produced by traditional circular saw blades is the secret to successfully capturing dust and debris.



The Challenge - Transform a single-purpose, utilitarian device into a complex, compelling, and cohesive multi-use environment. Create a humanized design that enriches the experience of all who were involved with it at all levels, including factory staff, retailers, repair persons, and users.

The Solution - HLB researchers and designers envisioned a pleasurable and convenient environment to fuel vehicles and complete multiple transactions. HLB’s engineers devised a self-aligning frame component system that eliminates secondary measuring, bracketing, and drilling.

The Results - The dispenser was awarded the Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award, business & industrial division and was introduced by Bill Gates at COMDEX as an example of state-of-the-art products offering web technologies. It’s introduction positioned Gilbarco as the leading innovator in the petroleum dispensing market.


The Challenge - Variety of pod sizes must be accepted. Widely available tea bags must also be accepted. Different brewing requirements for various coffees and teas must be met.

The Solution - Using Bunn’s patented combination of “time, temperature and turbulence,” the unit was designed to brew coffee in about 30 seconds and steep a cup tea in just about 50 seconds. The controls are optimized and minimal and the shape is balanced and easy to handle with a small footprint and space-friendly shape.

The Result - Consistently solid sales and rave reviews since it’s introduction. The My Cafe Brewer has set the standard for quality and customer loyalty at its price point.



The Challenge - For a long time, brain-data assessments devices fell into one of two categories. They were either too big and expensive or too small and rudimentary. Everest (now BrainScope) sought to change this. They envisioned a handheld brain-state assessment device that was compact, yet powerful. So, they asked HLB to conceive a game-changing experience.

The Solution - Our driving consideration behind the design innovation for SNAP II was simplicity with function. We designed a user interface to provide maximize readability with a color touch screen and minimized controls to make navigation easy. A special set of electrodes was created that clearly illustrates the steps to placement.

The Results - SNAP II immediately became the industry's premier monitoring instrument to assess level of consciousness. This is the power of combining the vision of a good idea with the experience to get it done.