Our Partners

HLB focuses on the core product development disciplines (product research, industrial design, mechanical engineering and design for manufacture) and have built partnerships with highly regarded firms with capabilities that complement our product development disciplines and experience.  We have built strong relationships with these firms and have successfully collaborated with them on a large number of successful projects.

Engineering, Innovation, and Smart Products

TARELIN, LLC:  Alexey Tarelin, BS in Engineering Mechanics and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from National Technical University, also known as “Kharkiv Poly-technical Institute” located in Khakiv, Ukraine

Alexey is a proven innovator in the product development arena.  He brings a diverse set of skills and experience to his innovation work.  He performs DFM, DFA, FA and FEA analysis.  He utilizes multiple engineering and design software including Solidworks, Siemens NX, AutoCAD, ANSYS, Matlab, Adobe Suite, Balsamiq, and ERP Visual Job Shop.  He is a key contributor in HLB projects that have complicated interdependent mechanical functions and state of art integrated operating and reporting systems



BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Computer Science from University of Illinois (UIC).

Jeff, in a few years, has accumulated a broad base of mechanical engineering experiences.  He has also become a proficient user of multiple CAD software programs and multiple programming languages.  He has developed smart products and robotic manufacturing lines.  He is a key contributor in HLB projects that have  complicated interdependent mechanical functions and state of art integrated operating and reporting systems.


Sylver Consulting.png

Research: Sylver Consulting

Sylver Consulting is an international innovation research and strategy firm focused on customer-driven insights that lead to market and organizational growth. Sylver is especially strong in marker research, design/user experience, and strategy.



Electrical Engineering: Garrett Technologies

Garrett Technologies specializes in advanced electrical engineering and embedded software development for both medical and consumer products.



Software: DMC

DMC is a project based engineering consulting firm focused on software development and control systems. DMC has helped hundreds of firms increase efficiency and productivity.



Outsourcing: EastBridge

EastBridge services include cost and technical feasibility modeling, design for manufacture and assembly, international sourcing, manufacturing launch, and supply chain management.


We work with the following shops

Model Shop

A family owned and operated firm that has been making high-quality and complex prototypes for over 50 years.  Their services include CAD modeling, 3D printing, CNC machining, molding, vacuum forming and, color matching.

3D Printing

A privately owned business founded in 1999. Services include SLA’s (stereo-lithography) APD (augmented polymer deposition), 3SP (scan, spin & selectively photo-cure) and custom finishing.

3D Printing

A privately owned small business using highly sophisticated HP and Markforged technology.  3D services include rapid prototyping, end use part production, and full color parts. Equipment includes an HP 5200 printer and an HP jet fusion 4200.

Machine Shop

A privately owned shop providing the tolerance-sensitive, precise machining operations needed to build high-quality, complex, and functional models.  Equipment includes lathes, milling machines, cutting equipment, and drill presses.